Monday, September 28, 2009

A Short Obit: Mrs Talbot

Mrs. Talbot died last week. Now, most of you never knew Nancy but you may have known that famous red door to her store. Yes, Nancy Talbot and her husband Rudolf started the well known store in 1947. She wanted clothes "that are timeless because they are ladylike, simple but not contrived, gimmicky or extreme, smart but not faddy, fashionable but not funky -- chic and understated, the hallmarks of good taste." I could not have said it better.

Every time I venture into some clothing line that I think is more "couture" and will make me more cosmopolitan, I realize I am out of my league and find myself back on the sofa with that comfortable catalogue that always has something that will fit and hold up. And yes, it may cost more, but when I look in my closet, those are the clothes I can depend on each season. And every time I am lured to cheaper clothes (not nice clothes at cheaper prices mind you) I make a decision I regret and once again find my way back to the friendly red door.

Yes, Nancy, you always took care of me. And even though my youngest daughter calls me frumpy, I now understand I am in good company given that you have dressed several of the most recent first ladies.

To my youngest - Yes, my child - she too, Mrs. Obama, whom you adore must be frumpy - for she and your mother shop at the same store. Perhaps your universe will never be the same.


Lynn Fralick said...

Oh, Ann Currie....I so understand your feelings about this store....I, too, have been lured to other stores, and made wrong decisions, and have gone back to the red door. Thank you for sharing this.

AC said...

I knew some could relate and those women who cannot, most likely just have not gotten to that point in their life - or are so far ahead of me in taste (and I realized that a long time ago). I felt Nancy was due a few lines of respect.

Sandy Hanning said...

I can SO relate! It's my very favorite store of all time. My daughter calls me frumpy sometimes, but it doesn't deter me. The red door is always open and beckoning!