Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Who knew?

Every once in a while I want to sit my youngest daughter down and say, "you know what? - your mother is not dumb, she does have a life, she was young once, and she does know how to have a good time." I get tired of being accused of being born 50, in a barn, dressed like a hag. In fact the other day I got an email from a friend of mine and it reminded me of my youth and of someone who would shock my daughter.

The one who did not come home for her freshman spring break but decided to head to Lafayette, LA with 5 guys to go to a fraternity party. No, they were not from Lafayette, had never been there, didn't know anyone there. But they got an invitation in the mail to the annual Kappa Sigma "Green Party", inviting their "brothers" from across the country to join them. Why not? I was game. And, no I wasn't even dating any of these guys. I told my Dad that some girls were going. (Well they were. They just happened to be in another car - that left a day earlier - and were taking 2 days to get there. We were driving straight through the night!- a minor detail.) Cajun food, zydeco music, lots of beer, great people. It was the first time I had seen a sofa on the roof of a house - with people sitting on it. This was 2 years before Animal House.

Or the one, who with her classmates, hatched the idea that for their senior class trip to Washington, they would wrap their liquor up as birthday presents to help one of their fellow classmates celebrate her birthday that happened to fall while on the trip. That way they could sneak their illicit bottles on the bus in colorful paper in front of the chaperons and not have to justify anything coming home, since their friend had opened "her packages" on the trip.

Or the one who dated the son of someone reputed to be in mob, simply because he had a "great car" and unbeknowest to her, her father always knew where she was because the police had a tail on him at all times.

I just wouldn't know where to start.

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