Saturday, October 3, 2009

Christmas now? I don't think so

Ok, did I miss something? When did the Christmas Season begin? I was in Lowes a few days ago - in the garden center no less. I was sure it was an apparition, a figment of my imagination, after all I was staring at the golden mums, but what to my wandering eyes should appear but an over sized Santa and a blown-up reindeer. Then I heard the familiar tune of "Frosty the Snowman" playing somewhere behind plumbing. This madness has got to stop. I still have not put the boxes of my summer clothes in the attic.

In a panic I thought, I don't even know what our plans are for Thanksgiving and they (the retail lords) are telling me it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. I don't think so. Now I gave up on the Courier & Ives ideal years ago, but I can still have my conventions. And the first week in October does not fit that scenario.

My family will tell you that you don't get past Thanksgiving Friday without Mom getting the Christmas Tree. My theory is that given the time and effort one puts into decorating that old boy, you want to enjoy it for a respectable amount of time. And, in my book, putting up the Christmas Tree anytime before Thanksgiving is tantamount to the "white shoes before Easter" rule - you can - but it ain't right and people will talk.

So am I to ignore the bows of holly on every other aisle, the mail boxes full of holiday catalogs, and the merry carols jingling in the background as I select my Halloween candy? (Yes, that poor holiday has gotten lost in the shuffle.) Or am I to succumb to the prancing and pawing of each little hoof?Nope, I'm going to enjoy the fall, figure out what we're going to do for Thanksgiving, enjoy the turkey, then go get that wonderful tree. For now, this creature's not stirring.

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Lynn Fralick said...

This is so funny, as Annlouise and I were "talking" about Christmas trees on facebook the other day! Also, thanks for posting today!