Saturday, October 24, 2009

I guess I am "seriously southern". When put that way, it sounds like some tropical disease. Some folks up north think it is and are very scared it is contagious. They've checked and there is no vaccine, so it is best to either ignore us or avoid us (or both). The first hint comes when we open our mouth and that slow drawl comes out. Some folks stop and say you must be from the south, and comment that they love the way we talk. Other comment that we must be from the south and leave it at that, like it is a curse that they would rather not have to deal with.

The second hint is when they ask if everyone in our family talks like we do. I often want to say something like, "No, since I'm the youngest, I have to do it." or "Well, yes it runs on my Mama's side of the family. It's a dominate gene , you know."

Then we have to go on, and explain that we (or at least most us) don't live on a plantation, never have owned slaves, and did not grow up wearing hoop skirts. (And hope they don't ask us how many times we've seen 'Gone with the Wind' - we can always lie about that one. No one wants to admit they have seen it more than twice or that they can recite the opening lines, " War, war, war. That's all you men want to talk about . . .") I digress.

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