My Life A Bit South of Normal

Sunday, October 4, 2009

We will be begin boarding in a moment.

In our little town we have churches of every flavor imaginable and, as in most small southern towns, the First Baptist Church is the largest church in town. It can seat a whopping 1200 - although I doubt they have ever seen the pews filled to capacity, even on an Easter Sunday with "lunch on the grounds" and a favorite past minister visiting. But they are prepared.

A month or so ago, I was to attend a funeral in a church out of town. Not being familiar with the location, I called the funeral home for directions and was told to check the church's website. (I cannot remember the name of the church, but it was something akin to "Today's Grace Church of What's Happening Now") This was the first hint that I was entering a new realm of churchdom. On the website I got the street address and directions. I also checked for parking. The main lot "will hold 2000 vehicles. Our satellite lots across the street, will accommodate an additional 1500 vehicles. For your convenience, we have shuttles that run every 15 minutes from the satellite lots to the church." Perhaps, I should do a Google street search to see what this church looked like. After locating it on the map, a theme park came to mind. I then realized chances were, I would not miss it when I came to it on the street.

As we entered the church for the service, we were met by several church ladies who asked for our names. They looked down their lists and nicely directed us to Concourse B, and told us we would find ushers to direct us to our seats in section 4W. When they handed me a program, I checked to see if there was a boarding pass attached. I assumed our next stop would be security.


Lynn Fralick said...

Or maybe, heaven! I have heard of being invited to a funeral, but I don't think I have ever known anyone who has actually received one!

AC said...

I was with a VIP (the operative word there being WITH), but there were many VIPs there.

misskelley said...

in the construction industry, those are sometimes referred to as "six flags over jesus" projects! :)