Saturday, November 21, 2009

Decorating Concepts

As I have mentioned before, our garden club has various programs. This month, the program was on holiday decorating and was presented by Daryl, who happens to be the florist I use. It was a good thing I was there because, boy am I behind the times. I had no idea that lime is the new neutral. (I am still recovering from the lady on "What not to Wear" telling me that purple is the new black.) He went on to say that some of the new trends in holiday colors are silver and black, but did admit he associated those colors more with New Years. (Am I supposed to be decorating for New Years also?)

He said that yes, lime green was everywhere this year because it matched everything. (With the exception of the teal green walls of my den, I thought.) And, the retro colors of the 70's - avocado, yellow, and orange were back, as were aqua and pink. Purple never went out. Silver and platinum were big as well as the old standby gold. By the time he finished he had named every color with the exception of red and green. We move on.

As he went through his most entertaining spiel I made some mental notes. Yes, I liked the large green wreath with the wide metallic ribbon wound through it with gaily wrapped packages hot glued on it. However, if I were to use it as a center piece on my table, there would be no room for the plates. This could be a problem.

He talked about the new concept of "re-purposing". News flash! I'm ahead of the game for once. I have been "re-purposing" for years. Are there really folks out there who get new decorations every year? If so, can I hang around their trash after the holidays? I had no idea. And, I thought adding a dozen or so new colored glass balls or a roll or two of a different color ribbon was a big deal. (Sometimes I live on the edge - you know outside the box.)

But I felt down right smug when he went on about his Christmas tree with feathers on it. I "did" feathers two or three years ago. (Peacock feathers - found them on a clearance sale for almost nothing.) I'll never do it again. I caught so much grief from my family. "Why are there feathers in the Christmas tree?" "Are these supposed to be in here?" "Who killed the bird?" "Did you get this idea off of TV?" I just suffered in silence - I really liked the tree.

Given the feather experience, I best not experiment with lime green glass balls, or black and silver. I'll just pull out our trusty box, we'll just re-purpose, and enjoy it as much as always. Who knows, I might push the envelope and stick a feather or two in there just to see if they are paying attention.

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