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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Sweaters

First - this has nothing to do with Glenn Beck. Now that I have that behind me, every year I say that this is the year I am going to get me a "Christmas Sweater" - you know one of those sweaters everyone has for the season. A sweater with a holiday theme. You see them at holiday parties. Some people wear them to work on special occasions. Some women wear them shopping, ect.

They just look festive. To me they say, "I'm in the spirit. I pull this out every year to make that statement." Problem is I can never find one I really like. And, it is not for lack of trying. Oh, they are there. And I even made up my mind if I could ever find one, I would not worry about the cost (up to a point) because it should last a life time - after all how many times can you wear it each year.

I have found both cardigans and pull overs. Personally, I prefer cardigans. Then there is the color issue. I'm not really a red and green person. Think about it. How many outfits do you have that are red and green? I found one I liked with reindeer knitted in it. That's attractive, but is it festive? Not really. Then there are always the ones with Santa on them. These are jolly but I'm not sure it is flattering to go around with a picture this rotund person on your outfit. Next?

Let's try whimsical. I really like the Grinch (many times it suits me). However, that's not really in the spirit is it? Snowflakes are nice and practical - you can wear them into January and February. (Well down here we have as much snow then as we do in December.) But that doesn't really say holiday.

Once again, it doesn't look good for this year. Maybe there is a reason I don't have a Christmas sweater - I haven't found one I really like. Come to think about it - I've never seen one I really liked. Maybe I just like the idea.

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