Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Family Holiday Traditions

This Christmas I am going to have to be creative. I no longer have access to silverware, my dining room has been commandeered, and we have a new "twinkling" light system on our tree. So much for the trappings of Christmas, but we still have the family traditions. Then, over Thanksgiving we learn that for first time ever, my DH's family will not be having their family Christmas on Christmas Eve. Well that's OK, we set another date, the Sunday after Christmas. We will all still be together - just not on Christmas Eve.

I learned at my Garden Club that lime green was the new Christmas color unless you were really "cool" and were into black and silver. I'm not there yet. My DH is upset because I am not sending out Christmas cards this year. (He never knew I sent them out at all until two years ago. I guess he just thought we were on everyone's Christmas card list because they really liked us - please!) I think he just doesn't want to miss the long obnoxious epistles from our friends who must keep a separate day-timer just for their annual Christmas letter.

I finally found the boxes of the correct kind of sugar cookie mix so I can start baking. (And, don't even start with the idea that I made that from scratch. Once I found a mix that tasted better than my Aunt Ginny's homemade recipe, it was all over. Do I look crazy? Sign me up and buy the box.) So it's time to use that new super-duper radar convection range that my DH purchased for me last month. (Did I mention it had to be replaced since the first one was installed? I digress.)

So it's time for the holidays to begin. Our oldest daughter and her beau can come home and bring our grand-dog. It will take a day or two for Maggie to realize she will have to share Thatcher with Sally, but she'll get over it. Our two daughters will argue over who gets which bedroom and the bathroom - that will never change. Our youngest will complain about how the tree is decorated and both will question the new "twinkling" lights. We will have to figure out what we will do on Christmas Eve since we have always gone to my DH's home. Meanwhile my DH will do his best to convince everyone they need to join him on some adventure in the great outdoors. He knows camping is not even up for discussion, but I know he will try to "guilt" everyone into a day long hike.

If we make it to Christmas day with everyone speaking, it will be a wonderful Christmas. However, there is one small issue this year. Whereas before we just had to make it TO Christmas. This year we have to make it to the Sunday after Christmas since that is when my DH's family Christmas will be held. This may be pushing it. Family love can only last so long. After all we have our traditions. And, unfortunately they include sibling rivalry and general household unrest. Pray, we survive Christmas, get through Boxing Day, and are still speaking on Sunday.

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Lynn Fralick said...

You could shock all your DH's family and announce ya'll WILL still have Christmas....(if they (and you know about whom I am talking) are not home, the other two brothers and their families can get together!)...or...could you not go to the other brother's house??? Not my problem....I do feel your pain about having your family in the same house for more than 1 day! You will survive...And, in case you have forgotten, I LOVE reading this every day!