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Monday, December 14, 2009

A Literal List

As they grow up, most children grow a little disillusioned over Santa Claus. (I must admit I never did. I knew a good thing when I saw it. This was a real good thing and I was going to keep this good thing going as long as I could.) However,my youngest daughter has made Christmas morning a little difficult for all of us. It took us several years to realize that she took her list seriously and literally - if she said she wanted a red Northface Denali Jacket that did not mean that the substitution of a red Northface Taya jacket or a black Denali would do (even when the exact product was not available -anywhere). And don't add anything to it - we were told if she wanted it she would have asked for it. After a year or two, we learned to keep the receipts.

On Christmas morning we would let her sit in her chair, open her presents and sulk. Every once in a while, we would hear a "finally someone listened" come from her corner. She, on the other hand would come up with the most thoughtful original gifts for the rest of us who appreciated "It's the thought that counts." For example, last year I commented that of all the pot holders I had in my kitchen I still liked the old ones she and her sister made - you know the ones they used to weave on the little square metal looms out of loops of colorful nylon. Christmas morning she surprised me with six new handmade potholders that she had made for me.

This year, I think she is trying (in her own way). We all received emails from her with her list attached. In the the email were actual url links to the items she wants that we could easily click on and purchase. At the bottom, she listed several gift certificates we could offer to other family members who inquired about gift suggestions for her. Maybe Scrooge has seen Christmas Future and realized and it isn't pretty unless she changes and change is slow for her. She has always been high maintenance - that is not going to change. But I think she wants to move her chair out of the corner.


Jackie and Chad said...

I think your youngest should meet my sister and they can exchange lists. I gave up a few years ago when I got the exact J. Crew Moss Green sweater that was on the list and got an "Oh, it's not exactly the shade of green I was looking for" in return.

AC said...

Oh, Jackie, I feel your pain!!!