Friday, December 11, 2009

Truth or Just Comments

The other evening at a holiday gathering I had the wonderful opportunity to visit with some colleagues I had not seen in 8 or 9 months. As I mingled from group to group, we exchanged the general pleasantries about family, new hair "do's", stylist clothes, etc. One comment struck me as odd. Two people at separate times approached me and said, "I really looked good, I must be taking good care of myself."

Upon reflection - what the heck does that mean? Did they suspect some type of cosmetic surgery? Perhaps when they saw me, I wasn't as old as they remembered? Have I learned to be more effective in applying my makeup? Or, am I being paranoid?

I have always tried to dress neatly and keep my clothes up-to-date (at least within the decade). As I have discussed before, I am not into spending great deals of money on getting my hair "done". Make-up is something I have never really worried about. (My youngest daughter would describe my talent in this area as "greatly needing improvement.") Cosmetic surgery is not even a serious subject with me. I consider that totally frivolous. Well, I'll confess, as I approached fifty, I did wonder what miraculous improvements a surgical "upgrade" would achieve. I digress.

Then, in horror, it struck me, maybe that was the only positive thing they could think to say. I quickly thought back to what I was wearing, how long it had been since I had had my $25 hair cut, etc. Then, I tried to remember what compliments I had offered. (I always try to be honest, perhaps a little liberal, but honest in what I say.) Let's face it, we are all getting older, and time is cruel to us, with the exception of those who cheat (and, at this age it is starting to show). Maybe I have been taking care of myself - well I haven't really. Perhaps, nature is being kind. It may be best to stop while I'm ahead, take the comments as they were offered, and not try to dissect the words.

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