Friday, January 8, 2010

What Does the Queen Carry in her Purse?

I've often wondered: What does Queen Elizabeth carry in her purse? You know the one she always has hanging off her arm. The one that smartly matches her outfit (and usually her hat). Car keys? Probably not since she is always chauffeured around in a Rolls or a Bentley. I read that she drives her own Range Rover at Balmoral, but somehow I think they keep the keys up there. You know, hanging on the inside next to the back door. Does she even have a driver's permit? I digress.

Then you have the normal things women carry, lipstick? Possible. I don't see her asking one of her ladies in waiting if she can borrow hers while they are in the loo. Kleenex? Never. I am sure if she needs such, she has fine Irish linen with her monogram on it. Glasses case? Perhaps, for her sunglasses, but then again you always see her with her hand shading her eyes, maybe she should add a pair of Ray Bans on her Christmas list. Gloves? Definitely. Maybe she carries her I-pod that President Obama gave her.

I will not even compare this to my purse but maybe that of my mother. My mother carried the normal required lipstick, powder compact, smashed Kleenexes, wallet, keys, hair comb, bobbie pins, usually an envelope with some list written on the back of it, and a ball point pen (as best I recall frequently one from the local bank.) But my mother was more prepared than most. My mother always had a package of Nabs. Now if are too young to know what I am talking about, I will educate you. Nabs were crackers made by Nabisco, that came in packs of 4 or 6, wrapped in cellophane. They could be regular Ritz type crackers or cheese crackers and sandwiched around either peanut butter or cheese.

Nabs to my mother were an all purpose first aid/child control device in cellophane. If either my brother or I got car sick, out came the Nabs to calm our upset tummies. When we had to wait a little longer than necessary when traveling to stop for a meal - Nabs, the perfect hors devours for a 6 year old. The whine of a tired child could always be calmed with the crunch of Nabs. They even made a great prize for the child who could be quiet the longest while in the car. Nabisco had no idea the power of their snack pack. But my mother did.

Yes, the Queen may have ruled the relm at one time, but I doubt she ever carried the power of Nabs in her purse.

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