Saturday, March 27, 2010

Barbie World

I never thought it would happen, but I just realized that Barbie and I have something in common. Unfortunately it doesn't have anything to do with her height of 7' 2" (if she were to come to life), or her unbelievable (really) 36-18-33 figure. Alas, it is also not the phenomenal wardrobe she has always sported that put her on the best dressed list. All I can claim is that we were both "born" in 1959, and I will (smugly) add she is 6 months older.

However, I think we all agree, she has fared much better than most of us. Besides the body some would die for and that wardrobe we all would love to have (especially the shoes - go ahead admit it), she always had those great cars even James Bond would envy, and that Dream House -(surely the precursor to HGTV's Dream Home).

But then, even though they hurt sometimes, I like the fact that my knees bend. If, you think about it, her countenance reminds one of permanent botox treatments. And, I have been accused of being stiff - but really. All in all I think I'll pass on the Barbie World. Besides, I never cared for Ken.

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