Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Carolinas - Not!

There are several things folks often get confused. For instance: freezing rain and sleet or different place forks in a sterling pattern. But when people refer to the land located south of the state of Virginia, and west of the states of Tennessee and Georgia, as the "Carolinas", then I would like to set the record straight. There is no "Carolinas". Never was, never will be. There are two sovereign states, the states of North Carolina and South Carolina. And, they are as different as apples and rocks. I cannot speak for the folks in North Carolina, but South Carolinians take offense when we are lumped together with the state to our north and collectively referred to as the "Carolinas".

My daughter quickly pointed out to friends that North Carolina was the home of NASCAR and John Edwards and South Carolina was not. Well, we have Mark Sandford crying for Argentina, but at least he wasn't seduced by some new age white trash harlot. And give Jenny Sandford credit, thank God she did not stand by her man, she let him stand and fall by himself in front of God and everybody. If you didn't know better, you'd think she was born here. But I digress.

If you know your geography, you know that the city of Charleston is located on a peninsula where the Ashley and Cooper rivers come together to form the Atlantic Ocean. So, we're a little arrogant. Well a lot arrogant, we start teaching that to them while they're young, like age five. After all it was South Carolina that seceded first in 1860 to protect state's rights. North Carolina was the last state to leave the union in May of 1861. That wasn't very neighborly of them, was it?

We often hear comments about how backwards, quaint, and slow we are. Yet, folks flock to our state going on about the food, the natural beauty, the warmth and congeniality of our people. That's fine with us, we just take their money to the bank (or the jar in the backyard depending on who you're are dealing with.) Heck, we even convinced the Baptists it was OK to serve liquor on Sunday in the low country so the Yankees could wet their whistle and leave more of their money with us.

Charleston is often named as the most beautiful and friendliest city in America. So, I am not saying we are better than North Carolina. (Because my mama taught me not to brag.) But, down here, it's game, set, match otherwise we would have moved. For a little state, we are not going to stand back and let others tower above us. In a way South Carolina is that good looking small guy in school. You know the one that always started the fights and spent a lot of time in time out. But even with a black eye and a few broken ribs, his ego was never bruised. He still had the best parties that everyone would die for an invitation to attend. You have to remember, we started the war and the only way it was ended was by Sherman's march to the sea straight through South Carolina with a scorched earth policy.

Last time I checked there were 50 states. I can't speak for those folks in the "Dakotas".

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Lynn said...

AMEN! I despise it when I hear this. And, one of our popular newscasters from the capitol city, ends her broadcast with, "Goodnight, Carolina". I just want to scream! I sent her an email once and asked her if Carolina was her dog or cat! Regretably, it is not. She is referring to our state!