Thursday, March 18, 2010

Duck Fat

It may be un-American but I have never been a big fan of French Fries - I can take them or leave them. Usually when I find myself eating them, it is not because I want them, it is because they are there - in front of me and I am not paying attention, just putting things in my mouth. A first rate restaurant in town puts truffle oil on their fries - now that takes them to a whole new level and quickly gets my attention.

And, yes there is a restaurant in our town that uses truffle oil - another story for another time. Most folks don't know what truffles are. They just can't figure out why the french fries don't taste like chocolate but they like it. If someone really explained to these folks that what they were confusing with fine chocolates were fungi found buried in the earth, attached to the roots of a tree, that were "rooted out" by a well trained pigs, they may be a little confused. But I digress.

I am on the road and after a long day dealing with the effects of fowl weather and air travel, all I wanted was a good meal and a comfortable bed. In my mind, a good meal usually means comfort food - a steak. The hotel's restaurant, which happened to be really good, served french fries with their steaks. Normally I would have asked for a loaded baked potato but tonight I was willing to go with the flow.

When the waitress brought the basket of bread I new something was up. The bread was unforgettable - chewy, tangy with sea salt. Then my steak came which was good but the fries were unbelievable. I won't even try to describe them - trust me, remember I don't care for french fries and I sat there and savored each one. When I asked the waitress, what made them taste so much better than most, she said, "They are good, aren't they? The chef fries them in duck fat." Like I have said before, anything fried well, is fried in lard. Duck fat fits that category.

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