Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Which Dukes?

I've mentioned before, the southern nectar of the Gods - Bar-B-Que, and its the quirks. But, our town add a whole "new wheel to the wagon" as a friend of mine would say. There is one family here, the Dukes, who obviously know the secret recipe - the problem is like many families, there must have been some feuding because now there are three Dukes Bar-B-Que restaurants in town, run by various parts of the family, each called "Dukes Bar-B-Que". Each is very good. (They all use the same "secret" sauce.) However, like everything else in life, each is just a little different and has their own following.

But how do you keep them straight since they have the same name. They are located in three different parts of town. Meeting someone for lunch goes something like this:"Let's go get some Bar-b-Que." "OK" "Where do you want to go." "How about the highway department?" "No, that's too far away, I don't have that much time?" "Ok, then the fire department?" "No, I want some fried chicken?" "Well, then I'll meet you at the Pepsi Cola plant." "Ok, at noon?" "See you there."

Translation: Let's go get Bar-b-Que, the Duke's by the highway department is too far away, the Dukes by the fire station doesn't serve fried chicken, so we'll meet at noon at the Duke's Bar-B-Que Restaurant across the street from the Pepsi Cola plant.

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