Monday, April 12, 2010

A Flamboyance of Flamingoes

Somethings are random but just too entertaining to pass by. Did you know that you have a troop of Giraffes, but an implausibility of Gnus (I always they were difficult!) or a battery of Barracudas and a sloth of Bears? How about a wake of Buzzards or a train of Camels? A coalition of Cheetahs (I kid you not), a band of Coatimundi, a quiver of Cobra, and a creep of Tortoises.

OK, a chattering of Chicks, a congregation of Crocodiles, and a parliament of Crows. Some of these make sense, some I wonder about. But they are all the correct name for groupings of theses animals. Now Deer, Donkeys, Cows, and Caribou roam in herds (well, you can have a pace of Donkeys). But you have a plaque of Doves, a convocation of Eagles, a flamboyance of Flamingoes, and a charm of Finches.

In water you will find an array of Eels, a knot of Frogs, a troubling of Goldfish, and a pod of Porpoises. Then there is the charm of Goldfinches, the cloud of Grasshoppers, the scattering of Herons, and the bloat of Hippopotimi. But the romantics will be entranced by a wisp of Snipe, a loveliness of Ladybugs, an enchantment of Nightingales, a spring of Teal, a bouquet of Pheasants, a fantasy of Unicorns, and a ballet of Swans.

And that racket over there. Perhaps it is caused by a crash of Rhinos, a rhumba of Rattlesnakes, a mischief of Rats, a prickle of Porcupines, a pandemonium of Parrots, a scourge of Mosquitoes, a mob of Meerkats, or a barrel of Monkeys.

Thank goodness, some groups are orderly and business like. Take for instance a troop of Baboons, school of Dolphins, cast of Hawks, army of Herring, party of Jays, business of Mongooses, squadron of Pelicans, family of Sardines, or string of Racehorses.

Out of all of this, one things is nice to know - it's still a litter of Pups (or a puddle of puppies)!

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