Saturday, April 10, 2010

Technical Conundrum

I just checked the order status of my new highly anticipated ipad - not that I look that often, but I just wanted to make sure everything was OK - and low and behold the status has changed from "Not Shipped" to "Prepared for Shipment." My heart skipped a beat. Being new to the way Apple works I don't know what that means. Normally that would mean, just what it says, "We are now preparing your order for shipment and will notify you shortly when we ship it." Knowing the quirky way Apple thinks, this could be their code for, "Hey, hey, it's on it's way." So I do some searching to get the meaning of this.

I find, thanks to the world wide web and thousands of other ipad owners-to-be, that Apple has moved many folks' orders into this new status. The Twitter feeds are going nuts. Next the status could be moved to the stage of "Shipped" just one magical rung below the ecstasy of "Delivered." This brings me to my untenable situation - if my priceless package is shipped in the next day or two (four or five earlier than initially predicted) I will not be home to accept delivery. We are leaving for our camping trip.

Once again, I seek customer support from the friendly folks at Apple. Other consumers must have also planned camping trips while anxiously awaiting the delivery of their new Apple devices (After all, what better way to while away those apprehensive days than communing with nature in the great outdoors. Right!) because you can sign for your device in advance and leave on vacation worry free. That is, of course knowing all the time that the brand new toy you have been so looking forward to is waiting for you at home. Just one more reminder of the reasons I love to camp.

But back to the issue at hand. Just once more, I peruse my sources on the web for any new tidbit of info on shipping status. More and more are now confirming that they have been elevated to "Shipped" with a bona fide tracking number to prove it. I quickly go back, check my status, not happy with what I see, I "refresh" the screen. But alas, I am left in "Prepared for Shipment" purgatory. While my new anonymous cohorts are tracking the flight of their ipads like anxious children on Christmas eve, following Santa's sleigh across the Pacific, I am left to "refresh" my screen and wonder.

"Just move along. Nothing to see here," It'll get here when it gets here. My only question is how come those other folks are getting their's first? They were all supposed to be delivered at one time. I tell myself. It's only an electronic device. No big deal. And, as the last line in that fine epic goes, "After all, tomorrow is another day." (I should know it, Mama made me see it 3 times before I was 10 years old.)

I'll just check the status one more time before I pack.

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