Saturday, June 26, 2010

Beach Week - Final Tally

Mama's Beach Vacation

Jigsaw Puzzles: 4 Completed (4 Aborted)

Ice: 14 bags

Shrimp Consumed: 10 Pounds (Jumbo size)

Andouie Sausage: 5 pounds

Sweet Corn: 20 ears

Frogmore Stew: 10 gallons

Local Low Country Tomatoes Consumed: Dozens

Trips to the Local Produce Stand: At least once a day

Fresh Water (from the well at the fire station): 10 gallons

Average Trips to Beach: 2 a day

Kites: 2 constructed, 1 flown, 1 still in the box

Board Games: 3

Lap Tops: 5

Cell Phones: 11 (only 8 turned on - 3 folks were sane)

Electronic Items Charging at One Time: 10

Ratio of Cars to Guests: 12 - 7

Adult Beverages: Not disclosed

Surviving a Family Vacation: Priceless

There is something to be said about spending a week with your family at the beach in the low country - the fresh produce cannot be matched anywhere and when you want fresh seafood, just go to docks and buy as it comes off the boat. (Operative word here: "A" week.)

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