Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Left, Right, or Confused

The first time my father took my mother home to meet my Granny and Aunt Kat, they had stopped by my Aunty (Fode) and Make's house first (which did not sit well with my Granny once she found out). While they were visiting with Aunty and Make they had several glasses of their "notorious" scupunon wine. Finally they made it to my father's home.

Mama said that she felt fine until she entered my Granny's house. First, meeting my Granny, who was very prim and proper, after having two glasses of scupunon wine with Aunty, and realizing they were sisters was something just short of entering the "Twilight Zone".

But the coup de grace came later that evening. Mama said in the dining room they found the table set for supper with all the fine china, crystal, silver, and linens. After all, it had to be proper for my father's girlfriend. Mama was seated to the left of my Granny. As dinner was served and they started eating, Mama said things just did not seem right, they were a little "off kilter". All she could figure was that the wine had gotten to her.

Later that evening, she confessed to my father that she felt "tipsy" at dinner and hoped his mother and sister did not notice. "Why did you feel that way?" "Well, through out dinner, things just seemed off, a little off balance." My father just laughed,"Maybe that was because they are all left handed." "What difference would that make?" "Well, when Mama and Sister set the table they set everything backwards." "Backwards?" "Yeah, because they are left handed they place the forks on the right and knives and spoons on the left with the glass on the left and bread plate on the right." Then he laughed, "Yours was on the only place they set 'correctly'. They knew you were right handed and wanted you to feel comfortable"

"But you're right handed and they set your plate to the left." "Well, that's because I grew up that way. That's all I've known."

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