Saturday, June 19, 2010

Off to The Beach

This coming week is my Mama's annual "Beach Week" when she decides that we all need to spend some quality time together  My oldest daughter refers to it as Forced Family Fun. The jury is still out on that. Our goal is to get from one end of the week to the other and have my mother enjoy it without an exceeding amount of stress. Just pass go, forget the $200, and enjoy the Boardwalk. Hopefully, we too, will have some fun along the way.

Act I, I will meet my mother, her college roommate (from 50+ years ago), and a friend of hers at the beach house Saturday afternoon. The rest of the cast will trickle in (and out) during the week.
Mama has already informed me that she has gotten in touch with an old friend, she hasn't seen in years, who lives on the island and promised "we" would go visit. I fear what else "we" have planned. It would suit me fine if she had different friends or relatives coming in every day to amuse her. There is only so much amusement I can offer.

So I am packing up my chocolate and caramel cakes, pounds of BBQ, pimento cheese, healthy supply of Diet Coke with lime, and all the other food and supplies that were assigned to me.
And, no, I have not forgotten the queen size sheets. Let the fun begin.

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