Thursday, June 17, 2010

Saint Mary

Walter's wife Mary was this lovely patient lady with a grand sense of humor (without it she would have perished, left, or drowned in the bottle). They had a lovely daughter, who was the apple of Walter's eye, and twin boys, John and Will, who Walter swore were his parents' greatest revenge.

Mary was an interior designer and very talented at that. She and Walter had bought an old farm about 5 miles outside of town and had restored the old plantation house on the property, as well as the barn and other buildings. Walter loved to hunt and he and his boys spent a lot of time on the weekends hunting deer, quail, dove, and wild boar.

When you went to visit their home, which looked like something you would find in the pages of Southern Accents, you may have to step over guns, waders, dirty boots, and the assorted hunting jacket as you entered. And of course, there was always Ugga, Walter's lovelable and dedicated pet bull dog, who you could find sitting by the back door, quietly drooling as he waited for Walter to come home. Mary just took it all in stride.

That was until one Sunday afternoon when Walter brought one of the twins back with a deep gash in his leg from an entanglement with a wild boar. While Mary failed to see the humor, the son was thrilled that he got to kill the boar. And, better yet, his dad had promised him that he would have a scar on his leg that he could show off for the rest of his life. (Walter had to remind his son, after Mary left the room that he wasn't supposed to tell his mother that part of the story.)

One morning the boys were walking out the back door to go to school. Will ran back in. "Mom - A taxi just brought Dad home." To appreciate the situation you have to understand that Walter's farm was 5 miles out of their small town which was in a rural area, which was 2 counties from the town he and one of his partner's had tried a case in the day before. Obviously, they had won, had a large celebration, and somehow ended up "catching" a taxi home. "Dad, where's your car?" Will asked. "You know," Walter thought for a moment, "that's a good question." Nothing phased Mary.

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