Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Silver Side

I had been writing this Blog a few months when I started commenting on pieces of Sterling Silver. It didn't take long for me to realize that the two did not mix. So I launched another Blog, which I enjoyed, but did not take that seriously, Silver Pieces - The Strange and Peculiar. http://strangeandpeculiarsilver.blogspot.com/ This second blog deals only with sterling silver, patterns and pieces.

But my heart is in this Blog. I enjoy it simply because I take pleasure in writing and it is so easy to get up, just look at my life, and comment on it - simple non-fiction a scary thought.

But, since I don't start something unless I plan to complete it, I have spent time researching and writing about sterling silver on my Silver blog. Now, the oddest thing has happened, I have more readers on my silver blog than on this Blog. I will admit, sterling silver has a lot more to offer than my mundane life. And, a lot of the humor of my situations gets loss the further north or west you go in these United States. Few people understand the importance of pot liquor in collards or why, until the day he dies, Little Mack will be called Little Mack, even though he is now 60, is 6 ft tall, and Big Mack has long since passed. That's just the way we do it down here. But that's OK. It's like Bon Jovi says, "There's only one place they call me one of their own."

So I just thought that you may appreciate that there is hope. The world is still civilized out there. More folks are interested in sterling silver than someone who has to deal with an eccentric mother, two daughters (one who is constantly trying to be the death or her), and a Darling Husband who is slowly but surely taking over the house by eminent domain (and all I can do is fight for counter space in the kitchen among the various projects he has going on.)

Even though silver is a commodity that is traded on the market everyday, and I dearly love it, I'll keep plodding along here. After all, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. Sometimes I do change names to spare close friends of some humiliation, just in case they do happen to be reading. And for those of you who do read it, thanks for stopping by every once in a while.


Lynn Fralick said...

Do DON'T stop this blog! (Who else but one of us would understand this phrase?) The silve one is nice, but who has money for silver? Obviously, many people! I am very glad your other little "project" is successful, but I truly enjoy this one!

AC said...

Have no fear. I don't intend to stop either. I just found it fascinating there was so much interest "over there".

Lynn Fralick said...

Those "others", the rich people, are in more abundance than we thought!