Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Temperate State

OK, let's figure this out. It's election day in SC, which by the way, the national press refers to politics as a blood sport in this state, but I'll save that for another day. Personally, I think they should thank us for keeping things interesting. But I digress.

What the national press fails to see is that our state government (or the Baptists) have gone to extreme lengths to protect the citizens of our fair state - from our selves. God forbid we fail to exercise self restraint on election day. To ensure sobriety at the polls, all liquor stores are required to close on election day. But the winner, so to speak, is that all sales of lottery tickets are suspended for the day. Now I understand the temperate Baptists state legislature wanting to make sure that no citizen's vote is compromised due to the evils of the bottle. But, please explain the fear of the effects a lottery ticket or, God forbid, scratch and win card can bring about.

Is there some fear that a citizen will think the world is going to Hell in a hand basket, driven close to insanity by the constant calls from the candidates, their wives, sons, daughters, and best friends; numbed by the continuous campaign ads everywhere, and spend their life savings on lottery tickets. (Perhaps the state is missing out on some serious revenue here.) Or, could it be, psychological experts have proven that compulsive folks, with all that liquor money in their pocket, will find lottery tickets as an outlet for their spiritual needs. (Not knowing - or caring - that the churches were counting on those extra funds in their collection plates the following Sunday.)

Now, since the state passed an amendment to the Blue Laws in 1983 that allowed alcoholic beverages to be sold on Sunday at any auto racing event more than 250 miles in distance. (ie any NASCAR event), think of the conundrum should the Pepsi 500 be scheduled on an election day. Well, let's just say the turn out may just be even higher than usual if that was the only location in the state where alcoholic beverages could (legally) be sold.

But we are not alone in our temperament mentality. Some quick research shows that there are 6 other members of the union in a similar such state. Indiana, Kentucky, Utah, West Virginia, Arkansas, and Massachusetts. But, one small footnote here, Arkansas has made a concession in that they allow the liquor stores to open at noon. Party in Arkansas at noon on election day!

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