Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Team Player

My nephew, at the ripe age of 9, has a great grasp of life and wicked sense of humor. I was reminded of this last week while we were at the beach. When all else was lost, Will would always come through with some comment that had us all in stitches or scratching our heads saying, "How is he that quick at 9?" (Remember, he was the one when asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, said "A god".)

He and his older sister got along unusually well. I don't think I heard an ugly word between the two of them the whole week, which was a lot more than can be said for us adults. My brother commented that he just has that way about him. He is friendly, personable and if you just feed him enough, you rarely hear a cross word out of him. I asked my brother if he just worshipped his older sister. Well, it's an interesting relationship, he said. They are close and they get along really well, but I wouldn't say "worship".

My brother said several weeks ago they heard on the news a story of a young child who heard someone breaking into the house. Knowing his parents were not home, he got his younger sibling and rushed him into the bathroom, where he locked the door so the two of them would be safe and called 911 from a cell phone. The boys were saved, the burglar caught, and all was well.

My brother said he then commented to his daughter, "See, if that ever happened, Will would lock you with him in the bathroom, call 911 and save the day." "Oh no," said Will. " I'd lock myself in the bathroom. She'd have to take one for the team."

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