Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sheer Luxury

Luxury to me is not shopping Rodeo drive or a Rolls Royce. It's not designer clothes. Nope, I'll take the simple things. For instance, the other day, I found myself in a theater, by myself, all by myself, to watch a movie. After a while when no one else came in, I realized I was having a private showing all for the price of a matinée ticket. Life was good.

A bag of popcorn, a large diet coke, an entire theater - how could this be? At any time, I expected the manager to walk in and say something like, "Mam, I'm sorry, but you don't expect us to run this movie, just for you?" Would I be polite and say, "Of course not." Or, politely remind him that I had payed for a ticket, the same price if there was one person, ten people, or a hundred in the theater. I don't remember there being a sign - 'Film will only be shown if a minimum of X people purchase tickets.' (I don't think there was one, was there?)

Then when the movie was supposed to start, the "Please silence your cell phones" screen came up with the obnoxious music. And, the music played, over and over. And, the picture on the screen did not change as the same music played over . . . and over for ten minutes. Now, here's the conundrum - do you I go complain that I payed to see the movie not this obnoxious warning and risk them seeing that no one is here - but me? Or, sit quietly and hope the movie will eventually start? Or, are they waiting for more people to show up? (I may be here for hours - until the next showing!)

Weighing my options . . . and anger, I rise to the occasion, gather my belongings and leave my private sanctuary. In the lobby I find a young man, who looks a little like Doogie Houser. When I explain my dilemma (about the movie - not the solitude). He responds that this has been an issue all day and he will take care of it. I quickly return to the theater and take my seat. The theater is still mine. And, the trailers start. Once again, life is good.

When the movie ends and I exit theater, I realize that I have just spent 120 minutes totally in my own world with just me - no phone, no computer, no one. Matinée ticket $6.00, popcorn $5.00, Diet Coke $5.50, a theater to yourself, priceless. There are just some things money can't buy.

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Lynn said...

What was the movie?