Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm not Drunk, I'm from New York!

Here's a winner. The Headline reads: Woman blames slurred speech on her NY accent

The article from the local paper followed, "A woman charged with disorderly conduct by the police  blamed her New York accent when police concluded she was intoxicated because she had slurred speech. Officers reported the woman also smelled of alcohol."

Now I'd like to know if her claim was that the police charged her on the grounds of being a Yankee? or if she thinks the citation was issued just because she sounds like she came from Jersey Shore  and her voice would easily be confused with the sound of someone intoxicated?

The article goes on to say. "Police initially responded to a call about two women fighting outside the EZ Shop. They found that one of the women had allegedly approached the other who was sitting in a car and asked her to get out and talk. When the woman in the car proceeded to drive off, the second woman held onto the car, then stumbled and fell, hitting her head in the parking lot, the report said."

I think the "Yankee" defense lost credibility  somewhere between the cat fight and the pavement. Even the local police would have given her some lattitude for holding onto the car, after all we know Hell hath no fury like a scorned southern woman. However, stumbling onto pavement and the smell of alcohol is a game changer.

The story gets better, "Two of the children of the woman who fell were with her at the time. They allegedly kicked the car of the other woman and ran from the scene, the report said.

Police issued a disorderly conduct citation" which until the day she dies, or goes back 'up the road' will be disputed on the grounds of the "Snookie" defense.

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