Friday, October 8, 2010

A Link to the Past

It takes a good friend who will search the Texas State Fair for "Fried Butter" simply because you mentioned it in a comment to a post in his blog. Especially a friend you haven't seen in twenty eight years and just reconnected (via the Internet - and NOT ON FACEBOOK!). It brings back memories of times we shared back in our college days doing those things we could only get away with in our youth.

We were lucky enough to get our parents to fund our lifestyle in the most lovely city in the country, live that life that is wasted on the youth, and at times even attend classes. My memories are of porch parties with beer every Friday afternoon, Steely Dan and Carolina Beach Music, Sans Souci, Chinese fire drills on Broad street. It is the thought of a 14 foot Christmas Tree in the large front room of a fraternity house and four hours of fun, fellowship, and drinking, with a room full of friends just opening gifts from each other. And, the time we took to pick out each gift because each one meant something. (I still have the 45 rpm of the theme from the Muppet Movie - see I didn't forget!)

But, then we had to grow up.  It is nice to know that the friendship is still there. That, after I have survived twenty eight years of marriage, raising rearing two daughters, several careers changes,   and my mother, there is still a link to my past. I can still go back there. This is justification that all of it did in fact happen. After all, only a true friend would search for, and then sample (that was going way beyond the pale!!) Fried Butter. Hopefully, sometime in the future, the two us will be able to sit down and share some laughs, memories, and adult beverages. And, I guess I owe him one. 

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