Friday, October 29, 2010

Scarlett and Dale - Move On Over

My Daddy always used the term "license to print money". Well at three o'clock this morning I found a company that has apparently figured out how to literally do it. Talk about a better mouse trap. And, the rest of us are just trying to get the best bargain at BiLo and figure out if we will ever be able to retire.

Thanks to the New England Mint, you, too, can own an "America the Beautiful" Genuine Yellowstone Two Dollar Bill. And, yes it is in color, with "Old Faithful practically [gushing] off the note while the sapphire “Morning Glory” hot spring bubbles under the never-ending western sky". Hold on, that's not all. (Oh, come on you knew there was more, it is better than the bamboo steamer and set of Ginsu knives!) Also, included is a second bill, the Grand Canyon Two Dollar Bill with its "sweeping" views of the glorious colors of the Grand Canyon.

Of course, to protect your investment the New England Mint includes a parchment Certificate of Authenticity and original information about the national park. The bills are presented in a handsome 4 page museum quality folio. And, the best part, all of this can be yours for $19.95. (Or, you can buy 5 for $64.75 if you want to increase your investment.) The "Mint" goes on to remind you that the two dollar bill is known as the "forgotten" bill and is rarely circulated.

Now down here, in the trailer parks, this will truly be the next big thing. They will have move the Scarlett O'Hara Doll (from the Franklin Mint) down a shelf in the curio cabinet to make room, or maybe shift the "Dale Ernhardt Hall of Fame Collector Plate" (in porcelain with genuine platinum accents) sitting on top of the window AC unit, or perhaps the new "Museum Quality Folio" needs to be displayed front and center on the kitchen table, next to the "Princess Diana - Forever our Princess" Music Box. And, just think Christmas is right around the corner, how many lucky folks could find the sweeping views of the Grand Canyon in their stocking (when their heart was set on that "Commemorative John Wayne Shot Glass Collection".)

Can you see the brainstorming sessions at the New England Mint? "Mary, I know you have your heart set on the Limited Edition Barbara Bush doll, and we can still do that next year. Paul, your idea of the Nascar Driver Portraits on black velvet is brilliant, and we are working on the licenses now. But, listen to this one. You know last year how we painted those Obama coins. Remember how people just tied up the phone lines to get them. Well, this year we are going to sell two dollar bills . . . for ten dollars each."

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