Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wordy Bird Angers Man

Another headline in our local paper I found amusing: Wordy Bird Angers Man

According to the local paper, "A 63-year-old woman said an acquaintance threatened her after her parrot insulted him early Sunday, according to an police incident report.

The woman said she was talking on the phone with a male friend around 3:39 a.m. She said she and her friend were joking about what her talking parrot had said earlier about an acquaintance.

At that point, the male acquaintance took the phone from the friend and began cursing at the woman, threatening to burn down her house, the report said.

The woman said that after the threats, the acquaintance attempted to call back several more times. She told deputies she didn't want to talk to the acquaintance.

Deputies spoke with the acquaintance and told him the woman did not wish to speak with him.

According to the report, neither the woman, the parrot, nor the acquaintance told deputies what the bird said that enraged the acquaintance to such a degree."

Upon further investigation it was determined that the woman wanted to change her phone number and move on,  her friend could not be found, the male acquaintance wanted the feathered friend for dinner, and the parrot only wanted a cracker.

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