Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blanche Lincoln - Really?

Maybe I'm a little more southern than I think. Last week at the symposium, I was part of a team giving a presentation. The room was full, the topic timely and popular. I was feeling very good about the program and how it was going. When I finished my part, I asked if any one had any questions. There were several substantive questions, and perhaps I had a little self confidence since I knew the material so well.

Then came the lady to my right who raised her hand,"I just love your necklace. Can you tell me where you found it?" I was so taken aback, I started to say "Why, it was in my jewelry case this morning," but I tempered myself and just smiled and graciously thanked her. From the back of the room a lady stood up and said,"My friends and I think you sound just like Blanche Lincoln. Has anyone everyone told you that?" I assumed they were from Arkansas.

Great, I thought to myself. All my work getting ready for this presentation could have been reduced to the selection the best necklace and my normal southern cadence. Did anyone take me seriously? Perhaps all my effort in college and my father's investment was a waste. And, no one even commented on the new sweater I spent days picking out.


Sandy H said...

You did a wonderful job. You looked perfectly comfortable and we could tell you were very familiar with your material. If you had done a poor job, they wouldn't have been commenting on your jewelry or your accent!

Happy Thanksgiving!

AC said...

I appreciate your kind words (and support)and more importantly reading my Blog - it's always nice to know someone's out there. But Blanche Lincoln, come on now. At least they could have said Katleen Parker.