Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lights, Lights, Lights

Yes, you can never can never enough lights. I honestly believe our Christmas trees devour lights. When we went to pick out the Christmas tree this year, once again we had a difference of opinion when it came to size. I am a firm believer that when you have eight foot ceilings it is not wise to purchase a nine foot tall tree. My DH, however, is from the school that more is better. I also think he is in denial that our ceilings are not ten feet tall. Thank goodness therapy has helped me understand the reality of the situation - eight feet is eight feet not ten. But I digress.

So we are standing in this field of hundreds of Leyland Cyprus trees, all marked with the actual sizes. (This saves a tremendous amount of stress on my part - it is hard to argue size when you are guessing. In years past, just saying, "Honey that one will not fit." without firm documentation got me no where.) My DH immediately starts looking at nine foot trees. "This one will do." "Not in our den, it's too tall." "We can trim it." "I don't want a tree with a flat top." "I can taper it." "Let's just get an eight foot tree and not have to trim it." After much "discussion" we came home with a tree that was eight and 2/3's feet tall.

After trimming some off the trunk, we brought the tree into the den. As we stood the tree up, the top bent against the ceiling. In surprise, my DH commented, "Why do they always get bigger when the get in the den?" "Funny how that happens - every year." After some selective trimming on the top, we were ready to add the lights and ornaments. When I pulled the lights out of the box, I asked if he would humor me and reprogram the lights so they would just stay on and not twinkle, fade, flash, chase, and blink as they did last year. Reluctantly he agreed.

I started at the top putting the lights on the tree. As I got about two thirds of the way down, I realized I was running out of lights. Sure enough, I ran out of lights before I finished. Long story short (oh, God I'm becoming my mother!) it took a trip to Columbia and an order to Amazon before we could find lights that matched our new warm energy saving LED lights. The worse part, and I will admit it, was that two or three weeks ago, we were in Sams and saw the lights, and when my DH suggested we buy more, I told him that was crazy, we certainly had enough lights. 

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