Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Am I Dreaming of a White Christmas?

Am I really dreaming of a White Christmas, just like the ones I used to know? Where the tree tops glisten . . . Don't think so, having never seen one. Sure, it looks nice and romantic in the movies like "Holiday Inn". Since when did the northern climate corner the market on the holidays? I think this is a Hollywood marketing tool. There are no connections to the religious components of the holidays tied to snow and ice, in fact, if the Christian story of the birth of Christ is the "reason for the season" one would think we would be thinking of sun and sand or starry nights. Go figure.

Like most things in life, I'm confused here. But then again, I didn't read the manual. I've always gone with the flow. They said if I was good, then the big man in red would bring me toys. I practiced every year with the Junior Choir at the Presbyterian Church for the Christmas pageant, but I was never given anything more glamorous than the alto part of Carol of the Bells (you know "Dong ding, Dong Ding") while the pretty people got to sing the more melodious part of "Hark how the bells, Sweet silver bells, All seem to say". Yes, I can remember this like it was yesterday. Some things mark a child for life.

To be honest, as a child, I found the whole holiday season confusing. Down here, we were generally having weather hovering in the fifties, with decorations of fake snowmen, giant lit snowflakes, and reindeer all combined with creches of ancient folks in sandals and robes with their camels and goats. And, to muddle everything, somewhere along the way, the Victorians hijacked the whole program and Dickens assumed artistic control.

So now we have Frosty, Rudy, Santa, Mary, Joseph, and Three Maji being directed down Chadberry Lane past the Mead and Mutton Pub by Dickens for an afternoon of Caroling and Wassail with Charles Darby and Miss Pickering. In the background one can hear Bing Crosby. I think this is where the White Christmas comes in.

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