Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Dreaded "List"

Speaking of lists, what happened to "Oh, I could use a new purse, a winter coat, and a surf board." Then Santa (or the gift giver) is left to find that "special" purse that you think she would love to have. Or, that coat that you know would look great on her (and you purchased it from a store you know she likes). OK, I may need some specific guidance on the surfboard. I had hoped by now that was a passing fad. But I digress.

No longer is the giver trusted. Or least I am not. Once again I am emailed (such a personal touch) a list complete with links for each item. These links don't just go to the store, oh no. They go directly to the desired item, style, color, and size (less I veer from the plan). The spirit of Christmas left me at the "Here's my list" point.

The only surprise left on Christmas morning is what my youngest daughter doesn't get from her "list". (And, no surprise here, only our youngest goes about Christmas this way.) Shopping for her (or rather checking off her list) is a very nerve racking ordeal for me every year. Will I open the link and order the item before it is sold out? (Memories of trying to locate that last Cabbage Patch doll in town come to mind - and they are not pretty - the memories or the doll.) What if the cursor moves from "Bold Gold" to Black Patent" in error as I place the order? Such a minor move could ruin Christmas morning - for everyone.

What ever happened to "my two front teeth", Bobby's "pair of skates", Suzy's "sled", Nellie's "picture book",  or  Alvin's "hula hoop"? Life was much simpler when we only had the Sears and Roebuck Christmas Wish Book. But then again, I only wanted the toy china tea set buffet complete with table settings for eight and all the serving pieces on page 43 of the 1966 Wish Book. (And, by the way Santa, I am still waiting for it.)

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