Saturday, December 18, 2010

An Earful

Our oldest called. "I called your mother and boy did I get an earful." "Like what?" "Like,'You didn't tell me you got another dog. There are enough dogs around. You didn't need another dog. It would suit me if I never saw another dog. They are every where.'" "I don't have clue what that's all about. She's always liked dogs. And, I've never seen a dog in her neighborhood." "Oh, she made it sound like there should be something in the by-laws of their homeowner's association about dogs." "Well, she also thinks there should be something in their by-laws about the florist down the street having to get written permission before he can put his house in the holiday home show." "Yeah, I had to hear about that one also."

"This all came from a conversation we were having at our Garden Club Christmas luncheon this week. Everybody was talking about their dogs and their children's dogs. Of course, they all found it humorous when I told them we would have five pups for the holidays." So I guess, she didn't find it humerous after all. With my mother you never know. During that luncheon when I was talking with my friends about our children coming home, my mother kept interupting me, trying to tell stories, she found amusing about our youngest daughter and Kennedy. However, the tales got lost in translation and my friends kept turning to me with confused looks on their faces.

Only in the south are mothers and their adult daughters in the same garden club. There is a reason the rest of the country has figured out that perhaps this is not a good idea. But, oh no, down here, as I have said before, it takes us a little longer to get the memo. To this day, I am still confounded when one of my friends will come over to me at one of our meetings, laughing and say, "Why, your mother just told me the funniest story about you. I just can't believe it." My general response is, "Please don't and be thankful your mother lives two states away."

If this is God's way of getting me back for whatever sins I committed as a child, we have got to be even by now.

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