Thursday, January 27, 2011

To Hell and Back

If you have ever been to Grand Cayman, no doubt you have been to Hell and back, and maybe even sent a card or two from the post office there. Hell, it turns out is an outpost at the eastern end of the island. (I can only imagine how disappointed the Baptists would be to realize all this time they have been living their lives to avoid Hell, only to learn it is located on Grand Cayman Island!)

In our tootling around the island, we paid the obligatory visit to Hell (well you know, when in Rome). On our way there we noticed a dog in the road, just walking along. A pretty smart dog, avoiding traffic, on a mission. Of course we also saw the tour buses hauling the tourists from the cruise ships. (I wondered if they were offering food in Hell?) As we drove into the parking lot there was the post office (I failed to get the postal code for Hell - that could be useful in the future) and the gift shop (trinkets from Hell?).

About that time, a local man rolled into the parking area peddling a cart full of coconuts with a thatched top. The handmade sign on the front of his cart read "Fresh coconut water (good for your kidneys and stones) and good for everything else like this and that, perfect for diabetics, high blood pressure, better than Viagra and Ciallus". He was followed by the brown dog we had seen earlier who preceded to just lie down and take a nap under his cart. (Perhaps he was waiting for handouts of this promising elixir.)

Well, as far as I was as concerned, I had made it to Hell, found it was in paradise, and located the miracle "cure all" to boot. What more could one ask for in one day?

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