Monday, February 14, 2011

Sometimes Cooking Just Doesn't "Take"

I fear I have failed my child. But sometimes it doesn't matter what you do, it just doesn't "take". In this case, I am referring to cooking and youngest daughter. Now the desire is there. Well, it has risen its curious culinary head lately. And, like everything else with her, she only listened when it suited her. And, in this particular category that wasn't often.

Our first hint was when in high school, she had difficulty fixing Stove Top Stuffing - you know the kind in the red box. Not only does it only involve water, a pot, a stove, and the ingredients in the box, there are instructions on the back of the box that walk you through the simple process, step by step with pictures. Alas, even that endeavor resulted in failure. 

Yesterday I get a phone call from her. "Mom, how do you roast a chicken?" "What kind of chicken?" "Chicken pieces." "Um, I generally, roast a whole chicken." "Well, I've had them in a pan in the oven for an hour now." "On what temperature?" "You always cook everything in the oven on 350 for an hour and a half." This was news to me. Not wanting to argue, and hoping to salvage her meal, I asked, "Is it covered?" "Yeah, with marinade?" "I mean is the pan covered?"  "What would you cover a pan with?" "Aluminum foil?" "You know we don't have accessories like that?" Of course I did.  I foresaw chicken jerky versus roasted chicken. 

The culinary question prior to this one started with, "How do you flavor chicken soup?" "With the vegetables, you know the carrots, celery, and onions, as well as salt and pepper and some bay." "I don't like vegetables in my soup, what else can I add?" "You added them the last time you made chicken soup." "I know, and it was obnoxious when I had pick them out before I ate it." OK, I thought, that would be unbearable.  "So that leaves water and chicken." "But you still haven't told me how to flavor chicken soup?

And, the irony here? This is the child who can make the most light, delicate, delicious crepes from scratch. Go figure.

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