Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Me? a Possible HVT?

I might as well turn myself into TSA for a full body search and inquisition. I am sure my name is on some watch list. Several months ago, some friends and I had planned a trip to Las Vegas. We were only going to be gone for four days (Thursday through Saturday). Luckily, I had enough frequent flyer miles to book my flight with my miles and a $35 fee. Life was good. First class  round trip, Las Vegas - SC - life was better.

Last week, I learned I needed to be in Phoenix  that Sunday, so I changed my reservation to fly from Las Vegas to Phoenix on that Saturday. Sadly, I was not able to convert my miles or my first class seat for the trip. The good news was that I was going to have a day and a half in Arizona for photography, life was good. I did some research and found that once I got to Arizona there was a scenic train ride through part of the Grand Canyon. So I made a reservation and rented a car. I was set - or so I thought.

The following day, I learned that one of the events we were going to attend in Las Vegas was on Saturday night instead of Friday, so I needed to change my flight, once again, to leave on Sunday instead of Saturday. For the third time, I called the airline and rescheduled my flight. This change meant that I would not have time for the train ride, so I needed to cancel that reservation as well as the car rental.

The worse part of all of this was that my original return ticket was still open because it would have cost me more to reschedule that leg than to make a separate one way ticket on that Saturday. Then when I went to change that ticket to Phoenix from Saturday to Sunday, I had gotten such a good deal that the change fee was more than the value of the ticket, so once again, I had to book an additional ticket. So at this time, I have three open tickets from Las Vegas, on two days, to two locations. 

I am sure on Homeland Security's radar, I am a possible HVT (High Value Target), well, not really but it sounds good. Actually, I am probably just a "marked woman". Two hot buttons with Homeland Security are one way tickets and multiple tickets from one location on a single day. If I had paid in cash, I'm sure I would have hit the trifecta and they would be watching my house. Now, if for some reason I win any money while I'm out there, I'm doomed. Can you imagine how much fun I would have if I show up at security already on their watch list with a bag full of cash? 


Barbara said...

HVT-ha! I recently saw the movie RED, about retired CIA agents who had been deemed Retired Extremely Dangerous, or RED. I'm a retired federal employee, too, so I've decided to go by RED. Although I have to admit that the Forest Service is quite a bit tamer than the CIA!

AC said...

I'm with the Federal Government now (nothing as exciting as the CIA), although not retired. I await the days I can go RED. (We saw the movie also.)