Friday, April 15, 2011

We Do Change

You know you live in the South when all the streets in your neighborhood are named after Confederate Generals - Hampton, Lee, Heyward, Hodges, Bragg, Alexander, Breckenridge, and Jackson. I imagine there are plenty living here who don't have a clue and it's probably best left that way. This whole area was developed about fifty years ago and so far no one has pulled the politically correct card and petitioned to have the street names changed. Let sleeping dogs lie. At times ignorance is bliss. We can't help it if while in school, they slept through that chapter on our most recent unpleasantness.

In those fifty years the town has grown, yankees have moved in - and stayed this time. Our little world has become multi-racial, multi-national, multi-lingual - why we've come far from just being multi-denominational. Those were the days when finally we accepted the Methodists, but I digress. Some would say we have joined the twentieth (and now the twenty-first century) - albeit kicking and screaming. The Junior Service League has had to open its doors to everyone. To some it was harder to digest than cucumber sandwiches with the crust still on them at an afternoon tea. To others it was a breath of fresh air, like a window finally being opened in a stuffy room.

But back to the street names - my youngest daughter's friend was thrilled that she lived a street named for a rock star - Jackson, Michael Jackson. Her father commented, "Well, if that's so, then the next street over, Bragg, must be named for the punk rock star Billy Bragg." And, I'm sure they didn't miss the boulevard named for the martial arts hero, Bruce Lee. It's all a matter of perspective. And, who said the South never changes - it's a regular chameleon.

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