Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother Nature's Sense of Humor

My mother and I showed up at a friend's wedding in the same dress. Now, I'm not talking about same color or similar design - I'm talking same dress. And, my mother is not one to try hide her age by dressing a generation or two younger than she is. Let's just say her style is not "hip" as my youngest daughter would say. This meant that if she was not trying to achieve a "younger" look, then  I had achieved a matronly look - by default. Would anyone notice?

Would anyone notice? Are you kidding? We were at a home town wedding in a small town and it has been said that my mother and I resemble each other. Well, on this day, that was an understatement. To make matters worse, she looked better in the dress than I did. 

The good news was that the reception had an open bar. The bad news was that I had to attend the wedding ceremony first. Certainly, the church was big enough for me to slink into the back row, unnoticed. Or, better yet, go home and change clothes. There are two things a southern woman can always change - her mind and her clothes (and of course her hair color - but that is for another day). 

Unfortunately, in this case,when I made the former, I had no back-up plan for the later.  It wasn't like I had a nice selection of dressy wedding frocks hanging in my closet. Then, it just got worse. A friend of mine approached me. "I just saw your mother and she looks so good." Then she stopped. "Are y'all wearing the same dress?" "No kidding." "You didn't do that on purpose, did you?" "Sure, I enjoyed the mother-daughter outfits so much when I was six I just couldn't resist doing it again." I said sarcastically.

If I killed her now, where would I put the body? I asked myself, not referring to my mother but my busy body friend who was about to turn my evening into reality show Hell. Then my youngest daughter came over to me. "Do you realize that you and your mother have on the same dress?" "Yes, it's hard not to." "You are worse off than I thought." I appreciated the vote of confidence. 

Now, I had the ultimate fashion embarrassment - showing up in the same dress as another guest as well as the unspeakable humiliation of it being the same one my 78 year old mother had chosen.  And, my daughter had all the ammunition she needed to back her theory that not only did I lack taste, what little I had was that of a matronly frump. We are our mothers. And, if not now, we will morph into them eventually. You cannot fight Mother Nature. 

I pray, if anything, there is retribution. Eventually, I can watch my daughter become a matronly frump.  What am I thinking? That will never happen. The matronly frump issue only deals with me - that is unless Mother Nature has a sense of humor. 

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