Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Remember You

I'm in Arizona, staying at a hotel where I've stayed several times before. The hotel itself is one of the older ones in Phoenix but has been totally redone and today is a modern stylish design. The accommodations are excellent and the service first rate. The first afternoon a group of us finished work and gathered in the bar located in the lobby.

We had just sat down in the comfortable chairs when the cheery bartender came over to take our orders. She looked at two of us and said, "Oh, I know what you want, I remember you." I looked a little sheepish. (In full disclosure she had done this to me the last time I visited.) She continued, "You would like the oaky Chardonnay. You're with Wells, aren't you?" "Close. You've got the important part right. I definitely like the oaky Chardonnay, but I cannot claim Wells."

The two co-workers (I had just met for the first time earlier that day) just looked at me as if I were some kind of lush. Before I could could say something witty in my defense, my co-worker who had been remembered for her penchant for Mojitos said, "Oh, she's that good. I've never figured out how she remembers what everyone drinks."

As our younger co-workers placed their orders, suddenly I could see in their eyes I had perhaps risen a notch above the middle age woman they had seen earlier by just having a bartender remember what I drink. Hey, it's not much, but I'll take what I can get.

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