Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Condition that Shall not be Named

After everything settled down, as I got back from 10 days, three states, and two time zones, moved our youngest daughter into another home in the historical district in Charleston (Ah to live to like my children!), unpacked, washed, dried, and put up clothes - it was time to check in with Mom to see what major thing in her life I had not been present to offer my support.

We were only two minutes into the conversation when it was revealed. "Well, I promised I wasn't going to tell you, but now that you're back, I guess I better. Best you hear it from me than from some one else." "What in the world?" "I had to make an emergency trip to Charleston last week to see Dr. Hawk (her oncologist)." Before I could ask, she continued."I had this ache in my side, you know the other side." (Actually, I really wasn't sure the other side from what, but far be it for me to ask.) "So I went to see Dr. Brunson (her GP) and he thought I was nuts, but I knew better, so I called Dr.Hawk's office for an appointment. He told me to come down straight away. You know he is aware of my condition." (Last time I heard he had given her a clean bill of health and did not want to see her for a year - and that was in May.)

"But the good news is everything is OK." "So he ran tests on you?" "No, not exactly. But, he did check me out head to toe and told me I did not have anything to worry about." "So what was it?" "Well he didn't say exactly, but said it was a good thing I went to see him straight away, given my condition and all." Well, I am glad to know that she was given a positive diagnosis of this unknown ailment. "So your GP here was correct?" "Oh, no. Dr. Hawk said it was a good thing I went to see him." She would never have believed any one else. God bless Dr. Hawk. I need to remember to send him a pound of chocolate pecans for Christmas. That man is a saint.

"So do you still have the pain?" "Well, not exactly. But that doesn't matter, because Dr. Hawk says it is all OK." "I know he told you that in May." "And, he told me last week, that I was doing so well, he did not need to see me again until next May." "Well, that is good news." "I know, and that was why I didn't want to worry you with it. It is just with my condition and all, you never know."

Dr. Hawk is the son of my grandmother's oncologist and one of the finest doctors and men I know of. He is one of those rare breed who truly understands his patients. As busy as his practice is, he knows that when my mother gets frantic about anything (or nothing) it is best just to give it his immediate attention, (make sure there is nothing serious), and deem it well.

All I know for sure is that we are dealing with a "condition" that shall not be named, a mother who insists on perpetuating a mystery condition, and Dr. Hawk, the saint who is the only one who can truly deal with the "condition."

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