Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just Taking Care of Business

I'm trying to figure out if I can put all my savings in a large Mason jar, or whether I will need two (I have a lot of pennies) so I can bury it in the back yard. Maybe my relatives had it right all along. OK, so  the sterling is a little scratched and we are still looking for a few jars, but the family didn't lose anything back then due to a run on the bank or 600 point (or relative percentage) drop in the Dow. 

If I could write a cook book and get it published on the art and skill of preparing tasty road kill, I'd make a killing (no pun intended). We now have coyotes - a whole new food for the dinner table. And, Armadillo (aka opossum on a half shell). When they started talking about the debt ceiling, I'm not saying everyone 'round here knew what they were talking about in DC, but the time road kill stayed on the road went from several hours to less than thirty minutes. 

Times are tough and one has to make the most of what is available.  

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