Friday, August 19, 2011

Rejoice, Fried Bologna Returns

Hardees has decided to reach a new culinary high or low depending on your culinary taste. Yesterday I noticed on their billboard, "Come Try Our New Fried Bolonga Sandwich". Oh my! Folks were up in arms at the amount fat and calories in their "Fresh Homemade Biscuits covered in Gravy". They are going to have a field day with this.

But then this is the restaurant that managed to market the $6 hamburger for much less and specializes in major men size meals. So God bless them for addressing a market much in need. Think of those poor souls, who have long left their mama's home, and if married, found someone who either can't cook or wouldn't dare fry bologna, who have been wondering in the wilderness for years looking for an establishment to meet their needs.

And wait, that's not all. Bojangles, also has joined the culinary bandwagon. They are now offering a Fried Bologna Biscuit. Could this be the new "it" food? The food, the young foodies have never heard of, are too young to know about. Perhaps, they have been shielded from the negative media of this "red headed step child" of the cold cut world. Now they too can experience the treat most of us grew up on, and lived to tell about it.

After all Spam made a return. Why not Bolonga?

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