Monday, August 1, 2011

Will We Ever Reach the Twentieth Century?

It never ceases to amaze me how the south sees itself as misunderstood by the rest of the country. We think of ourselves as so progressive. The rest of the country still fails to recognize our achievements and I, for one, understand why.

Just this morning the grocery store was proud to say that they no longer stock salt pork. The manager informed me that, of course, they have long since gotten past carrying such unhealthy foods. I guess they feel that perhaps not having it on their shelves will somehow rid them of the image of carrying backward traditional southern fare (such as pickled pigs feet). Personally, I find this incredibly frustrating considering I need it for Daube Provencial, a French recipe I plan to prepare for dinner tonight.

Of course, they still carry white bread, Velveeta, bologna (in three varieties including one with cheese in it), and hot dog wieners (the old red type). But, who's counting fat grams and cholesterol? The coup de gras was when I went to check out. I was unable to buy the bottle of red cooking wine (that was also on the ingredient list) since it was before 7 am and therefore still prohibited by the Blue Laws. (I guess the Baptists wanted to make sure that the sinners were curbed until Monday morning.)

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