Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Will They Know Where They Are?

I go to the concierge lounge to seek respite and a cold glass of wine after a day at work only to find it packed. Now normally I'm a people person. However, as my mother would say, these were not "my kind of people". The room was full of folks on their way to Europe for the first time. And, to listen to their conversation, one would think that their furthermost adventure, prior to this, was Pigeon Forge  to pay homage to Dollywood, which begged me to ask what brought them to the concierge lounge (short of the elevator)? 

An over heard conversation soon answered that question. "Now Nancy said if we came up here we could get a glass of wine and just charge it to her room." "She is so nice. I don't know what we would do without her." "Did you here her say that we need to be up at 3 am tomorrow to get to the airport? Now how am I going to be able to iron my clothes? Why I'll be a mess on that flight to Germany."

"Iron your clothes? I'm worried about how mine are going to look after being all crumpled up in that one suitcase." "I know. I was surprised that we could only bring one bag. After all, we are going to five countries in seven days. You never know what you are going to need to wear." "And she said to pack light. She just doesn't understand the need to be prepared."

I was helping myself to some of the hot hors d'oeuvres available. As I picked up a tasty piece of french bread with olive tapenade on it, one of the ladies asked, "What is that?" "Olive tapenade. And if it is the same thing they had the other night, it is devine." She gingerly picked up a piece and put it on her plate. I over heard her say as she sat with her fellow travelers. "She said it was olive tapenade. I've never heard of such." "Oh, I have. I saw it on the food channel. It is chopped up olives and other stuff mixed up." "I was hoping they would have some chicken wings or those little ham sandwiches.

I wonder if they saw wiener schnitzel, spargel, or sauerbraten on the Food Channel?

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