Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Change in Accomodations

The lovely room we had the first night we were at Casa 1932 was so nice with its high ceilings, antique furniture, tile floors, etc. However, because the houses are all built together and around a court yard, there are no windows open to the outside.

We were lucky to get reservations at all with Luis, he is so popular, since the trip was made so last minute. So the second night we had to change rooms. That room was a good deal smaller. Well, let's say minute, but still had the antique furnishings and private bath. The good news was we had a window - of sorts. The bad news was I felt like I was in a mid-evil church.  This is the window over our bed.

The third night Luis did not have room for us, but promised he had found us wonderful accomodations with a friend of his just several blocks away. And, his friend had a large room on the second floor with a balcony and a window. "You will love. No?" We had no reason to doubt him and were planning to return for dinner at Casa 1932 that evening. A lady showed up later that afternoon to pick us and our bags up. She did not speak English.

The house was much bigger than Casa 1932. The lady showed us to our room - on the first floor. It was a decent size room - with no windows. Like most rooms it was tile, all tile. And, at the end of the room was the commode, a jacuzzi bathtub and shower, with a three foot tall wall  between. My daughter exclaimed, "We aren't in a bedroom. We are in a large bathroom that has beds in it." "With a jacuzzi tub," I added. So much for the balcony and the window.

That night when we returned to Luis's for dinner, he asked us about the accomodations. My daughter, not wanting to sound unappreciative said, "They are alright." That did not suit Luis. He pressed for more. After she explained the bath room/ bedroom situation he said, "You know they gave you their most special room. I told them room with balcony eese what you want. They think bathroom with fancy tub is what tourist want. I keep telling them no. But they won't listen."

So our accomodations went from a large room, to a smaller (mid-evil) room, to a bedroom in a bath. I can only imagine where we would have been had we stayed one more night - maybe in the back of a 1958 Chevy.

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