Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Cigar Lady

When my daughter was doing her research for our trip, she contacted friends of hers who had traveled to Cuba before, researched popular travel blogs, and read travel guides. Lonely Planet is the one guide she prefers. However, their new guide to Cuba ironically was going to be released while we were on our trip so the current one was not the most recent of the guides on the market. When she saw the copy that could be pre-ordered on Amazon she told me about the woman on the cover. In trying to describe her, first of all, she sounded hilarious, and second, I found that of all the things in Cuba why put her on the cover, but whatever!

Fast forward. We are in one of the squares in old Havana and turn on a side street with our guide. I head toward a small bar, where the people standing outside look like a great photo op. Suddenly I hear my daughter exclaim, "Mom, come back. She's here. The lady from Lonely Planet. She's right back there." I went back and sure enough, there was a lady matching the description.

For a cuc (Cuban currency) she allowed me to photograph her. I am still not sure why Lonely Planet chose her as the cover for their Cuba Guide, but here she is, in living color.

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