Monday, October 31, 2011

I Thought They Loved Me as an Artist

As a photographer I like to think of myself as an artist. Well, it falls in that category in most listings, so I'll take those as the authority. (Whatever it takes to qualify.) Anyway, when I am in the field I am always looking for a different angle, the light falling in a unique way, making the mundane beautiful. I pride myself on photos standing apart from the rest. 

In my gallery, it was the close shot of the water coming down a fall, or the just the bright yellow buoys on a shrimp boat (every one photographs the boat itself).  I personally love my picture looking up the wall of the green house of famous Rainbow in Charleston. After all, pictures of the colorful row of houses are a dime a dozen.

Angel Oak, said to be the oldest living thing east of the Rockies (possibly 1500 years old) and a true thing of beauty. A tremendous oak tree on Johns Island, standing 65 feet high and providing 17,000 square feet of shade. This ancient oak is visited by tens of thousands of tourists each year to pay homage to this glorious work of nature. And,  photographs of the tree are staples of gift emporiums and galleries through out the low country. Instead of the standard view of the tree head on, I chose a different perspective.

I thought my picture of the tomb at old Sheldon Church (although a little eerie) was a different view of the very somber landmark of a lovely southern church that had been built and burned several times. One can purchase pictures of the picturesque ruins of the church with its columns still standing in any gallery or gift store in the low country.

So out of the forty or fifty unique (or so in my opinion) images I have captured that are displayed in the gallery and on my website, which are the ones that sell?  The unique shots that represent the true artist in me oh no, no my friend. The public wants . . .

 My (rather mundane) photo of Rainbow:

This image I shot of Angel Oak:

Sheldon Church? Yes folks, this is what sells?

So much for artistic freedom, personal perspective. I am a slave to commercialism. Well, I must have been attracted to these views also, otherwise I would have never taken the shots.


Lynn said...

I KNOW you realize that you are just a shade off center than most folks around you, right? Richard says if we like something, you can bet it will not sell, be a movie hit, but the masses will love it! I LOVE your unique shots and when I get some $$$, I will prove it! So, quit got to go to Cooba!

AC said...

I'm not whining, I'm just commenting on the state of the universe. Steve says if I wouldn't try to shoot so many "fru fru" shots and stick to the "pictureque", I'd have more time to photograph what I should be focussed on (no pun intended). But, then he never saw the beauty of a line of different colored school buses covered in Kudzu! (Says he who shot 120 pictures of his tortoise last week.)

Barbara said...

when people search Google Images and land on a picture in my blog... by far the most popular picture is one of my big toe with a pustule full of sandflea eggs on it. It's the ugliest picture in the whole blog, but it scores many more hits than any of the landscapes, African wildlife, or even the cute little kids. Oh, well, at least I am helping visitors to kenya and Tanzania find out what that thing on their foot is!

AC said...

I'm impressed!!! I never had a picture with such a great story. I'm scared to ask what "Tags" you gave it.

fun run said...

So much like! I love how those tree creates their own uniqueness.