Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's That Time Again - The NM Christmas Book is Out

OK, the Nieman Marcus Christmas Book is out, and yes Virginia, I can dream. Out of the nine ultimate gifts this year, I am torn between the 2012 Farrari FF (for $350,000) and the International Flower Show Trip (a Gulfstream IV takes you and nine friends to flower shows in Switzerland, Athens, France, and London over a two week period for a cool $420,000). You can keep the "His and Her" Dancing Fountains and the Day Trip to Stone Barn Farms - please. The Dream Folly Yert could be interesting though - if they would throw in Major Nelson.


Barbara said...

Go for the flower shows--definitely the best choice! Bring your macro could lead to a new book for you

AC said...

If my DH gives it to me for Christmas you can be one of my nine friends I bring along!