Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Parting is Such Sorrow

They bought the dog crate!” I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about. Given I was sitting on the sofa looking at two crates and two pups who are very much attached to their crates, I was clueless – God forbid we were upgrading. “You knew I listed it on Amazon months ago and I had forgotten about it.  I figured no one would buy it.”  “And, which pup gets the news she no longer has a home?” “No, this is the crate Abby out grew. I was cleaning things out and getting rid of some clutter.”  There is a God.

Next I hear this cursing from his office. “Do you know how much it is going to cost to send this to California?” “No, but I would think a lot.” “$45 by Fed-Ex, $43 by the post office. But if I send it media mail it would only cost $18.” (I’d like to see him justify that.  Mr. Postman, why yes, this is media, uhm,  what kind you ask? It is a 42 lb presentation board that is 42 by 24 inches – very substantial.) “I don’t think you are going to find a box for that to fit in.” “Well, that’s another issue.

Later on I walk into the den and find him on the floor with four random pieces of card board, duct tape, and scissors fashioning a “custom” box for the crate. Meanwhile Abby and Ellie sit by most entertained by it all. “Well there is a lesson to be learned here.” “Remember what you list on Amazon?” “No, never throw away a box,  you never know what you may need in the future. And, the more I mess with this crate packing it up, I realize what a fine crate it is.” "Well, that was why we bought it." "So, why should we get rid of it?" "Because we don't need it any more." "But we may in the future.

"Just like those replacement blades we still have for those floor fans we got rid of three years ago." "But you never know when those parts will come in handy? and, I am still mad at you for throwing away those fans."  "The fans were worn slap out and I think we can part with the replacement blades since they no longer make those fans." "You never know." "I'll take my chances."

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